Over 20 years ago, two guys, united by a strong passion for coffee, gave life to the Molo Caffè brand. A company that would soon become a symbol for all lovers of true artisan coffee.

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The classic blends

After over 20 years of experience, we have created four blends to please any palate.
We have the BLACK blend, the ORANGE blend, the BLUE blend and the GOLD blend.
The comparison is the percentage of Arabica & Robusta. For each blend we create the line in beans, pods and compatibles (A Modo Mio - Nespresso - Dolce Gusto).

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Flavored coffees

After years of experience and innovation in the world of coffee, we have created a line of flavored coffees in pods and bevade in capsules, to meet the needs of the customers of the new generations without losing the quality of the coffee at the base so as not to disappoint the expectations of the tradition of artisan coffee.
We have over 20 flavors of flavored coffee pods and over 15 drinks in compatible capsules. 

A modo mio
Dolce gusto

Coffee beans

Our classic blends in grains in different formats, starting from 250gr up to the 1kg pack. Four blends for the needs of all palates. Blends in grains ad hoc for bars, restaurants and vending.
We also customize the blend for the request of the territory of consumption.


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Grinded coffee

Fresh ground coffee, BLUE blend for daily home use with the traditional mocha.
250gr pack in aluminum bag. Soon also the packaging in jars will be available to give higher quality to the product.


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