The Molo Caffè capsule line is very extensive. The 100% Made in Italy artisan coffee in all the compatibles on the market. We take care of the production of coffee in compatible capsules for:

  • Nespresso (in all Molo Caffè blends);
  • Dolce Gusto (in all Molo Caffè blends);
  • A Modo Mio (in all Molo Caffè blends);
  • Caffitaly (Blue Blend);
  • Bialetti (Blue Blend);
  • Aroma Vero (Blue Blend);
  • Domo (Blue Blend);
  • Illy Iperespresso (Blue Blend);
  • Firma (Blue Blend);
  • Point (Blue Blend);
  • Noemi (Blue Blend);
  • Uno System (Blue Blend);

In addition to the traditional Molo Caffè artisan coffee blends, we produce a wide range of drinks and herbal teas in compatible capsules.