Over 20 years ago, two guys, united by a strong passion for coffee, gave life to the Molo Caffè brand. A company that would soon become a symbol for all lovers of true artisan coffee.

Since its inception, Molo Caffè has dedicated every single moment to the attention to detail of its products, starting from the raw materials to the variety of the line offered, up to the corporate image, so that their product becomes a point of reference and satisfies what it is. was their goal from the first moment: it is not a simple coffee break, but a moment of relaxation.

Molo Caffè does not aim to be simply the coffee taken in a hurry, but wants to become the moment of pause where you can relax, pamper yourself and live the experience that coffee can offer in every sense.


Molo Caffè is today an artisanal coffee roaster specializing in compatible capsules, pods, coffee beans and fresh ground.
The link with the territory and the origins of real coffee are important for the brand and that is why Campania is the region where Molo Caffè was born, where espresso has a history and a tradition.
A unique region, supported by cultural projects and initiatives, linked above all to the youngest, where coffee is always winked.

Authenticity, freshness and craftsmanship are the adjectives that distinguish Molo Caffè roasting: excellent coffee quality thanks to the selected raw materials and constant production that allows you to always have a fresh product. All this without ever neglecting also and above all the cultural and artistic aspects that distinguish the historicity of coffee in Italy.


We want to pass on and offer to the generations of yesterday, today and tomorrow all the value and pleasure of the typically Neapolitan espresso.
We want to offer the opportunity to always experience the emotion of the coffee tradition at the generations of yesterday.
We want to offer the experience of rituality and sharing of the coffee break to today's generations.
We want to offer continuous and conscious innovation for the generations of tomorrow.
We want to do all this by addressing the global and cultural challenges that society asks of us.


Our goal is to enter people's everyday life with authentic scents, aromas and flavors. We want to do it through all the passion, commitment and excellence we employ to offer the best experience, that is, that of a good, artisanal coffee produced with respect for the environment and raw materials.


Materie prime di prima scelta

Molo Caffè is today a 100% MADE IN ITALY artisan coffee roaster with a commercial network that has allowed all the brand's products to be distributed and appreciated all over the world.
The success is found above all for the quality of production and raw materials, it has remained unchanged over time despite the evolution and industrialization that the world of coffee has had in recent years.
The values ​​of Molo Caffè are primarily based on the choice of raw materials: selected coffee beans from the best plantations in South America, Africa & Asia. To these is added the daily attention that each department dedicates to production, with the search for innovative solutions in order to always satisfy the needs of customers.
Our blends ensure that the brand gains more and more acclaim in Italy and in the rest of the world.

From plantations to industry

Quality control begins with the choice of the raw material, the coffee beans. The latter arrive in roasting for the roasting and preparation of the blends for the production lines. A technical team is dedicated every day to quality control so that the product maintains its freshness, as has been the case for years now.

Corporate control

A dedicated technical team takes care of the control of the entire production chain, so that the quality, safety and maintenance of all products is guaranteed.


Eco, environment & sustainability

Sustainability and environmental impact are two fundamental concepts for Molo Caffè.
A figure dedicated to "ECO SOUSTINABILITY" is responsible for finding innovative solutions in order to reduce environmental impacts.
The whole line of E.S.E.paper filter pods 44mm by Molo Caffè is in a 100% compostable format while the capsule line is in a self-protected format so as to be sustainable towards the environment and reducing the production of aluminum and nitrogen, but without ever losing the quality of conservation and the freshness of the blend. inside.